December 14, 2018

Today I laid the bricks and pavers in the corporation yard where Jerry’s open cupboard will stand.  His creation is as tall and wide as a a book case, and fits exactly (42 inches) in the space between the bathroom window and the downspout.  Perfect fits gladden my heart.  The cupboard was originally meant to hold firewood, but I have since moved the wood away from the house.  The ultimate goal will be to fit it with shelves for storage in the corporation yard.

The base of the cupboard is 23 inches.  The foundation for that width is three pavers down the center with bricks on either side.  A level foundation required adjustments for different thicknesses for pavers and bricks, the slope off the house and two grades of gravel for the supporting bed.  I will come back to it to make sure it is as solid and well laid as I think it is, before applying the paver set.

I removed half of the ice plant from the front border garden in preparation for installing the ground lights down the length of the sidewalk. I transplanted the ice plant to the back yard between the two oleanders, and tucked it in with the Quick Start transplant food. Rain is forecast tonight with a major storm coming later in the weekend.  The ice plant seems to grow comfortably as a ground cover around the white oleander in the front border garden, and I will try for the same effect in the back yard.  The back yard is sheltered by the house allowing for less sun.  That sheltering may make for fewer blooms from the back yard ice plant auxiliary next summer.

I removed most of the black plastic sheeting around the oleander, only to discover that the ice plant and lantana grow on top of the sheet, much like the asters.  The ice plant now has the opportunity to reach the soil underneath where the sheeting once lay, and I watered it thoroughly to help it manage the transition.  After we prune back the lantana for the winter, I will see about removing more black plastic.

This afternoon was my weekly watering of the house plants. The two jade plants are thriving despite a transplant and a shift in location.  The polka dot plant continues to fill out.  I watered the cactuses well, to nurse along their blooms for another month, if possible.

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