December 19, 2018

I found an English lavender at the East Bay Nursery and brought it with me to the Snake this afternoon.  I was inspired by the Spanish lavender in the border garden along the back porch.  With a little trimming it has become a well-behaved and contained plant; the foliage is pleasant even though it blooms for only two weeks out of the year.  The English lavender may bloom longer, and it provides a different color foliage for the front bank garden.  Currently the only silver leafed plants are one dusty miller and the newly planted licorice plant on the mezzanine level.

I am hoping the lavender may also help with erosion on the bank next to the manzanita, which I have back filled several times.  I laid small stones down the slope from the new English lavender to conserve water and planted it at the end of a drip line, anticipating next summer.

At one time MJ planted an English lavender at the corner of the rose bed.  That plant did not survive probably because of the lack of soil at that corner if the bed.   I will see if I can establish the new English lavender on the slope with deeper soil.  The gopher cage will hopefully also help to retain the soil and allow the roots to establish themselves.

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