December 20, 2018

None of the outside spigots were running irrigation water.  Mike kindly came up and we trooped down to the pump and the floats that lead out into the pond.  We used the shortest route and cut down the hill off the fire lane.  The bushwhack route gave us the chance to check the repairs needed on the gate to the grazing pasture and to attach new cords.

I had not used the route down the hill in a long while, usually coming the long way down the road.  We checked the spigots in the enclosed pasture, and they were running.  Down at the pond, the pump has a lever that had been moved to the off position with lots of evidence of cows nearby. At least I now know a simple check to try when the irrigation water shuts down. I ran back up the slope and texted Mike to confirm that the water was back instantly.

When Mike came back up the slope, he confirmed that the two downspouts off the garage roof were draining down the slope beyond the equipment yard.  Hopefully, no heroic measures blowing or snaking out the underground drain pipes will be needed.

Mike and I also had a chance to look at the raft that was hauled up onto the bank next to the pond.  One of Mike’s long term projects is to repair a few rotted boards and set the raft afloat back in the pond.

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