December 21, 2018

I came back to have a fresh look at my brick edging alongside the flagstones at the far end of the back yard.  A graceful smooth line with minor tinkering required.  I added five wheelbarrows full of top soil back from the edging and the porch slab, and the remaining half of a bag of soil amendment.  The area will probably take more top soil.  I applied Roundup to stifle the grass that had started to grow, filled on top of that grass and scattered Preen on top – maybe a vain attempt to keep the grass out until the spring planting.

I also extended the flagstone platform beside the water valves.  My standard procedure is to clear and level the ground, lay weed block and add a bed of gravel on top.  Of course the flagstones that are the right shape to fit that area are different depths, requiring adjustment of the substrate.  I was able to fit the stone with an angle to accommodate the water line that kept the oleanders alive this past summer.

I applied more Paver Set to the brick edging and around the newly laid flagstones.  I also moved the prior laid flagstones closer together and cemented them in with more Paver Set.  I will come back with more topsoil and may amend the paving cement then.   Maybe at some point a spigot can be run from the valves, and a hose box set on the extended platform.

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