January 1, 2019 – New Year’s Day

Another bright and cold day that I began by watering all of the established and not so established plants.  The asters are already on their way back.  I pulled up a few outliers in a vain attempt to keep the plant contained.

I watered the indoor plants as part of my weekly routine.  The pink Christmas cactus continues to bloom.  I inherited an African violet from Judy that has a lovely purple flower set of with a white border and center.  MJ’s palm tree has never thrived since its transplant several months ago. I trimmed one more spent branch off the plant but no new branches are in the offing.

The valley oak in front of Jerry’s pine tree has always annoyed me.  It is half dead and blocks the view of that magnificent twenty foot tall pine.  Mike suggested removing the tree altogether, and in the spirit of new beginnings I took him up on his suggestion.  The trunk of the valley oak was less than a foot in diameter even that it grew more than twelve feet high  Surely this tree could be taken out with a hand saw.  In my new career as farmer and lumberjack, I sawed and felled the tree in about an hour.  Eventually I will run the truck on the downward slope of the fire lane and remove it to the wood pile.

Satisfied with the day’s work, I cleaned up and left for the Open House that Darryl and Linda Perkins host on New Year’s Day each year.  From there I will be on the road back to Oakland

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