January 21, 2019

I watched the sunrise this morning from my bedroom window.  The low cloud cover and bare trees make for a dramatic few minutes.  The rising sun and underlit clouds also reflect off the fire prevention pond, also just beyond my window.  I have seen a snowy egret already this winter, giving me hope that birds will come back to nest in the pond this spring.

The early mornings are cold – a good reason to watch the sunrise from my room.  I also saw a single bright light in the sky, not moving and not twinkling like a star.  It has to be the planet Venus (the Morning Star) that appears in the eastern sky and travels west.  I saw it just before it disappeared in the rising sun. Judy saw and second smaller light in the same part of the sky.  According to online postings from astronomical observatories, the second light may be the planet Jupiter.

So I start this year much the same as last year – removing Christmas decorations at the church, asking Mike to help me recharge and get the truck started and keeping the driveway clear.  The winter rhythm at the ranch.  If sunny weather continues into next week, I will work on clearing the back yard.  Today we spent packing the car for San Diego.

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