January 30, 2019

Another warm sunny day, the next winter rain storm is not due until Friday.  I watered indoor and outdoor this morning, with generous offerings to the recently pruned oleanders, rockroses and fortnight lilies.

I cleared the remainder of the back yard alongside the house.  Thick clusters of bermuda grass roots are endless.  I dug out a short trench along the house wall and along the line of the lawn to picture the parameters of a raised bed.  Tomorrow I will apply Roundup to whatever is left in that bed.

I pulled off the boards at the base of the fence on the front side of the equipment yard.  Gerry had an endless fascination for screws and nails. They all come off without great difficulty. Many creatures crawled out when the boards were removed, and I hope the previously covered section of the lower fence will have a chance to air and dry before I replace the panel.  I will replace the three odd assorted boards with a single panel 113 inches long.  Unfortunately, none of the lumber at the ranch is quite that long.  The land of course slopes away at the far end of the fence.  I may need to set the replacement panel at a slight downward slant to compensate.  The flagstones to be laid in front of the fence will cover any exposed bottom edge.

Tonight I was in Sutter Creek for the Las Posadas appreciation and evaluation dinner.  I stepped out of the car and into a night full of stars, cold and clear.  I am reminded of former Friday nights after a long work week when I would step into the night and shed all my worries.

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