February 1, 2019

One of the great joys of retirement is waking with sun, particularly with the low light sunrises outside my window.  I may have been able to get a decent picture of the winter sun through the bare oaks this morning and the reflection on the fire prevention pond.


When I turned my back, the weed of the month took over the front slope around the manzanita and the newly planted English lavender.  A tiny plant much like Baby’s Breath and next to impossible to dig up.  I dug it out around the established plants, first with a trowel and them with a shovel.  After a few minutes of this pointless effort, I  gave in and went for the Roundup. Digging out some of the weeds allowed me to keep the Roundup on a perimeter away from the plants,

While I was on the front slope, I trimmed more dead wood off the manzanita.  I also replaced the soil that had eroded away from the main plant at the top of the slope.  Next week I will need to place stones to prevent future erosion.

I laid out flagstones along the front fence, much like a jigsaw puzzle.  I will set the stones in next week when I have time to level them out. As I worked, the air was changing and turning colder.  I left for Oakland just as the rain began to fall and drove west into the atmospheric river.

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