January 31, 2019

This morning I had my first sighting of our Canadian visitors.  Someone should warn them that the polar vortex has brought record freezing temperatures to the northern part of this country this week, and presumably to Canada as well.

The potted camellia that immigrated from Rancho Murieta showed its first bloom today.  Apparently rolling the camellia out into the sun encouraged it to bloom.  The blooms on the camellia along the house wall are just about spent; the blooms on the camellia in the triangle garden are not ready to pop,  I rather like the concept of timed release camellias, depending I suspect on amount of sunshine and warmth each one receives.  I trimmed the dead wood off the camellia beside the house, added soil and fed it with Miracle-Gro.

I cleared the bed on the far side of the flagstones going down the slope, making it as far as the crape myrtle.  I added soil amendment and watered two of the crape myrtles consistent with the care I gave last winter. Whatever else happens, I will not be hunting through the overgrown brush and grass to find the third crape myrtle this year.  Here’s hoping that exposure to sun and air is a beneficial shock to its system.

To finish the day, I applied two gallons of Roundup on the newly cleared bed along the house and slope away from the flagstones.  Roundup is supposed to be impervious to rain in a short period of time, and the next winter storm is due tomorrow.


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