February 6, 2019

Only a half day in the garden today – the Worship Committee met this morning.  The snow pack in the high Sierras is now at normal, three to four feet with more snow predicted later this month.  We have forgotten what normal looks like after five years of drought.  As I drove into Sutter Creek, I saw many snow roofs on vehicles.  Snow was reported at 3000 feet, about 45 minutes up Highway 88 in Pioneer.

Low temperatures have hovered around freezing this week. The recently pruned plants may be tender in these cold nights.  By midday the temperature rises into the 50s.  I watered all the plants generously this afternoon, with the thought that well-watered ground will encourage their roots to burrow down and preserve the plants from the cold.

The cold weather does not seem to discourage the gophers.  The soft earth is a field day for them.  I continue to apply cat litter to plug the holes where they appear.

Cold temperatures also make for clear starlit skies.  I stood outside for a few minutes to marvel at the night sky.

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