February 8, 2019

Another bright sunny day – the next predicted storm will not blow through until this evening.  Today was an odd jobs day.  I repaired the trim panels on the last section of the back yard fence, sanded the entire section and applied two coats of primer.  Next  week I will sand again and apply paint to match the colors on the house.  Two odd knobs were shoved into knot holes.  I will need to dig them out and apply wood filler before I sand and paint.

I also leveled the flagstones along the front fence and poured the Paver Set between them.  I am not sure whether the stones are set far enough apart and will see how they weather in.

I thought I had harvested all the onions from the kitchen garden last fall. Apparently I missed more than a few.  They are merrily sprouting in the nearest raised bed, and this was the first time I went back to the kitchen garden this year.  Del Farnum tells me that second year onions go to seed quickly and he recommends harvesting soon.  I turned over the one raised bed and removed large quantities of grass and weeds.  I also bought Swiss chard and red lettuce to plant next to the resurrected onions.  Those two lettuces should be hardy in the cold weather and may be ready to harvest when MJ comes in late March.

Mike got the Toro weed whacker running again after a four-month break.  I used the Toro on the areas that Mike could not reach with the tractor – around the trees, along the corporation yard fence and  on the slope down from the driveway.

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