February 12, 2019

I drove up through the Delta at midday.  Gerry once reminded me that the delta road is not through a continuous stretch of the Central Valley but is in fact a series of islands.  I was charmed to see the sheep grazing in the fields below the levee road, surrounded by flocks of seagulls.

I do not expect to accomplish much this week.  Gutter maintenance and repair was postponed a week due to heavy rains and high winds.  My time is also limited because I will be going in for the Gospel Workshop in Oakland on Thursday.  I sheltered the rolling camellia under the porch and watered the indoor plants.

This past Sunday I stopped by the Farnums to pick another pound of walnuts and three cases of 2016 Tempranillo, the latest bottling of our wine group.  The road to Oakland was through Sacramento and down Interstate 80, with surprisingly little close of weekend traffic.  Anyone who made it to Lake Tahoe has been snowed in for five days.  Today’s storm may bring another two to three feet of snow to the highest elevations.  This level of snow pack is a historical average.  We have forgotten what a normal snow pack looks like in the past four to five years of drought.

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