February 21, 2019

The gutter repair and maintenance appears to have done the trick.  The contractor applied a seal to the inside of the gutters where water came through the seams.  I noticed no leaks this morning.  Water pouring out of the downspout on the edge of the back porch slab has caused the flagstones to subside and may have eroded the connecting sand further down the slope.  I hope that collecting water in a barrel at that downspout will limit that damage.

Mike bought a new hitching ball for the truck and hitched up his trailer to the truck.  We were making the trip to Lowe’s to purchase five twelve foot pressure-treated four by fours for the new boxes at the edge of the back lawn. Mike wanted me to drive, and I asked him what I should about hauling a ten foot trailer behind me.  He told me not to drive over 55 miles per hour.  The trip to Lowe’s and back went smoothly, without jackknifing the truck.  In addition to the pressure treated wood, I picked up a pre-primed 1 by 6 board, twelve feet long, for the edging at the bottom of the front fence.

The fire prevention pond is full; Mount Suribachi is fully submerged.  For the first time I have seen the sluice leading to Verna Falls full at sunset, water flowing to the lower pond and out to the Mokelumne.  The creek below Mike’s house is running full as well although it the road has not washed out yet.  Only once can I remember when we lost the road at that spot  Mike brought a loaf of banana bread up at the end of the day.

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