February 22, 2019

I began the day by taking pictures for insurance purposes.  MJ needs pictures of the big house, little house and barn from all four sides.  I have a beautiful shot of the hydrant on the bank of an overflowing and shimmering fire prevention pond.  I bushwhacked through the grass for a picture of the hydrant from the opposite side of the pond, to show how close it is to the house.  I had not been behind the barn maybe ever.  I was sliding through the fence that the overgrown grass would not allow to open.  The rear door to the barn has blown off and will need to be rehung.

Mike brought up his saw horses and table saw, and we cut four six foot lengths and twelve three foot lengths. We laughed about all the on-the-job training that I am receiving from him.  We also have the unsolved mystery of the banana bread that appears to have disappeared overnight.

We laid the four by four lengths on the cement barriers that I laid at the edge of the back lawn.  The boxes have two layers of four by four because to maintain level the upper edge digs into the lawn, and I expect to build up the soil behind that upper edge.  I laid paver pieces at the corners to prevent erosion, and checked my levels one more time. Mike had the tools to counter sink the lag bolts and secure the corners. He will drill and sink rebar through the front cross pieces to prevent slippage down the slope.

In the afternoon I began applying topsoil around the six by three box.  This is my version of the California high speed rail project, beginning in the middle and working my way to either end.  I laid plastic along the upper edge of the box and hauled in topsoil to build up the lawn in front of the border.

The load of topsoil from last fall left bare ground where the grass has not yet grown back.  Judging by that bare perimeter, I have moved half of the original four cubic yards to the back yard.

This evening I had a lovely dinner with Alan and Helen Bierce.  Temperatures were near freezing temperatures on he way home.  The snowflake in my car was on the entire way.  

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