February 28, 2019

I drove back from Fresno at midday having spent a few days with Ben and Karen, including dinner twice at Panera.  Highway 99 had heavy truck traffic up and down the valley, as usual.   What struck me this trip was the acres upon acres of fruit trees in blossom by the side of the highway.  The pink and white blossoms were set off against a gun metal gray lowering sky, the next incoming winter storm.  Otherwise an uneventful run up to the ranch.

My great joy was to see the two other camellias coming into bloom, the one in the triangle garden and the potted immigrant from Rancho Murieta.  They promise to be spectacular this spring.  I will need to see how long the blooming season lasts, and check to see what I did to encourage this growth last year.  The camellia in the triangle garden will have the benefit of a redirected downspout and the tail end of a very wet winter this year.


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