March 12, 2019

I drove up from Oakland at midday, a mild and sunny day.  The fruit trees in the orchards lining the highways are in bud but not blossoming yet.

On the back porch I found two twelve by four posts on the back porch and  – one extra eight by four.  Mike drove up shortly afterward, his trailer hitched to the back of his car and loaded with two sixteen by four posts.  Meeks Lumber came through with the order earlier than expected.

The two sixteen by fours I understood because the front edge will be  fifteen feet plus in length, and I wanted a single continuous edge.  Mike smiled at my confusion.  On the back edge he proposed to lay and link a twelve by four post with a four by four post.  On the upper level he would reverse the two pieces so that the seams would be staggered. Sixteen foot lengths are specially ordered and more expensive.

We pushed the sixteen by four post through the handle of the plastic utility wagon, laid it on top and wheeled away.  Considerably easier than hauling 50-60 pounds of lumber into the back yard by hand.  Just so were the pyramids built.

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