March 6, 2019

I have not made much progress the past two days due to heavy rains.  I made the run to Lowe’s for gravel and soil amendment; I am still looking for the Texas sage that Faye Fyock had planted in the side yard of the church.  I also checked for sixteen foot four by four pressure treated posts to finish the raised bed at the back of the house.

I patronized the garden annex to  Ace Hardware on Grand Avenue before I left Oakland.  They have a section of Trailing and Cascading Plants.  I found calibrachoa of course, lamium – pink and white, and a golden lysimachia that was not familiar to me. I also picked up two cubic feet of potting soil to establish the new plants in the clay spigot protectors that I will use for annuals.

The day closed with a sighting of a white egret on the fire prevention pond in front of the house.

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