March 19, 2019

Born on the Fourth of July, married on Valentine’s Day and died on Saint Patrick’s Day.  I am missing my brother Ben today and need the healing of the ranch.

I picked up MJ at the Oakland Airport and we proceeded directly to the Snake.  Midday traffic made for an easier route out of the Bay Area.  A tour of the garden is always first.  MJ asked me “How is your garden?” and I did not fight her.  More and more the garden is becoming my great work and love.

Two camellias were in full bloom, and the Saint Francis rockrose has reached his shoulder height.  We inspected the new growth on the oleander that we pruned to half its size in January.

MJ approved the new planter boxes and had ideas for more.  I was proud of clearing the six foot tall brush off the back of the lawn and laying the rock border to prevent erosion.  The incidental benefit of that work is a sweeping vista of the surrounding hills and valley oaks.  She had the excellent suggestion of growing cherry tomatoes in the trough garden. The vegetable garden that Jerry built is too far from the house for me to tend it regularly.  I may have better results with the water trough just outside the back door.  The question will be whether that area has enough sun for tomatoes, since it is sheltered part of the day by the house and eaves.

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