March 20, 2019

MJ was at work today.  Elizabeth will fly in for the funeral, and MJ will pick her up in Sacramento.

I did not accomplish much in the garden today, due to a combination of steady rain, preparing butter chicken for dinner and changing sheets and towels.  MJ can still use the flannel sheets from January as the nights are still in the 40s.

I moved the pots with the California fuschia and lamium to the back  yard. A ninety gallon rain barrel should help keep the plants well watered.  The lamium pot completes the line of the rock border at the east end of the lawn.

I offloaded nine cubic yards of soil amendment for the new raised bed along the house, and harvested Swiss chard and red lettuce to add to a salad for dinner.  The red lettuce had a bitter taste that was interesting in small doses, dressed with plenty of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

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