March 21, 2019

A beautiful bright morning today.  Elizabeth was up early, not having adjusted completely from East Coast time.  We had another loving tour of the garden before breakfast, with the three roses already returned to full new growth.

MJ still wanted to weed a little on this trip.  She chose a small area between the bayberry and the correopsis, Francis looking on approvingly.  I have the Franco Zefferelli film in my mind and the new age Mother Earth folk song from that movie: “If you want your dream to be, build it slow and surely. Small beginnings, greater ends, heartfelt work grows purely.”  We handed Elizabeth a trowel and weeded the area together in short order.  Gloves were required for the thistle.

We had a pre-op with Mike and Betty to wish him good results and a speedy recovery from his surgery scheduled for Monday.  Afterwards we were on our way to Fresno.

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