March 26, 2019

MJ had a later flight so we made an expotition to the Berkeley Hort and the Dry Garden today.  She was eager to see the nurseries I talk so much about.

At the Berkeley Hort we spent most of our time in the Sun Shrubs, Dry Ideas and California Natives sections. We found a grevillea varietal (lanigera), a white California iris and a matilija poppy.  The clerk at the counter sent us back to sun shrubs to find an Australian fuchsia under the botanical name correa.  Australia seems to be a theme.  The grevillea lanigera is also known as a woolly grevillea, for obvious reasons, and is native to Australia.  Hopefully, the partial shelter from the house will help get it established.  The matilija poppy is a tribute to Paula whose favorite color was white; it produces a profusion of white flowers once established. All this, and a large sign at the cash register saying “Ask Us About Our Senior Discount”.  My venerable years entitle me to a 10 percent cut.

At the Dry Garden we found two varieties of aeonium – garnet and kiwi.  The kiwi had a sign that it was not for sale, but the shop owner made an exception for me. Aeoniums do not require water but may go dormant in summer. In extreme heat their leaves may curl to prevent excessive water loss.

With that, we were off to the Oakland airport and MJ was on her way back to San Diego.

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