March 27, 2019

I was late leaving Oakland due to a telephone conference with legislative counsel and even later arriving at the Snake.  The road through Pittsburg and Antioch was interminable.  Note to self not to start for the hills later than 2.00 in the afternoon.

MJ had the idea of planting the matilija poppy on slope below the retaining wall that sits behind the pergola and summer house.  If left to its own devices, it will grow quickly and generate white poppies abundantly.  Might even fill up a sizable portion of the slope and discourage thistle and other invasive plants.

Matilijas are also known as fried egg poppies because they have a yellow button in the center.  Planting now should yield blooms next spring.

I jumped out of the car and into my work shoes.  The thistle was thriving but gave up easily from the soft earth.  I planted Mattie, applied Quick Start and set stones on the downward slope to prevent water run off.   If Mattie takes hold, I make look for a companion matilija for that same slope.

Sunset comes later and later as the year progresses, particularly on a clear day like today.  I was able to work for an hour or so into twilight.

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