April 2, 2019

Thunderstorms broke this afternoon.  I drove into professional rain at Lockeford, less than ten feet of visibility.  Fortunately the storm passed by the time I reached Clements, four miles down the road.

Driving through the Delta on Route 12 this afternoon I finally had my Blossom Trail.  Route 12 is more or less a levee road; the fruit orchards sit just below the roadway, on either side.  I cannot identify the trees but I saw acres of white blossoms.  The Central Valley is on its way to feeding the nation.

Ben and Karen gave me the book Epitaph for a Peach by a neighbor David Masumoto.  David is a third generation Japanese American trying to maintain his family orchard of specialty organic peaches  In his book he writes about a machine that shaves the tops of  the fruit trees, presumably to force more lower growth and make the fruit more accessible.  Sure enough, I drove past orchards with a very neat flat top.

I took Jackson Valley Road to come o the ranch from the north.  I was looking for the vineyards in Jackson Valley that line that road.  A true California experience, but these are working farms not Tuscan villas.

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