April 3, 2019

Rain is forecast for the next three days.  Water content in the Sierra snow pack is 162 percent of normal.

I managed to clock in an hour of weeding in the early morning. Temperature was mild, 51 degrees, and climbing steadily.  I weeded to the sound of a flutter of wings as ducks settled into the pond in front of the house.

when the rain held off, I finished clearing the rest of the circle garden around the oak tree  at the barn.  The  small stones clustered on the border look very appealing once the invasive grass and weeds are pulled.  Lift rock, deracinate ugly invasive species, replace rock, repeat.  I also found a can of green spray paint so that the white PVC piping would be less noticeable.

On the way out of Oakland I stopped at the Orchard Nursery in Lafayette.  Alas, no matilija poppies in stock, but I found a gray rush  in the California Natives Section.  I am exploring what grasses can grow under drought tolerant conditions.  I planted the gray rush in the circle garden, together with a purple lantana that I nursed along from the prunings in January.

I also bought a catmint at the Orchard Nursery.  Catmint requires low to average water; it will fare better in the new back yard planter box sheltered by the house.

The two coleonemas are blooming as I have never seen them before.  More benefits of pruning and steady rainfall since the beginning of February.

Halfway penumbra 2.37, full sun 4.15, sunset 7.27.  I did not get to the back yard in time to monitor the initial penumbra.  The halfway point is nonetheless instructive and maybe predictable.

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