April 5, 2019

I started with early morning bird songs.  I was out working at 7.00 because of rain forecast for later in the day.

The cotoneaster on the upper front border garden is blooming with small white flowers.  The companion on the mezzanine level is not far behind.

When we pruned the oleander in January, we left a bare branch ending in a one inch cut covered with pruning seal.  I was delighted to see buds growing from the bare stalk.  At this point the oleander appears to be pretty much unstoppable.

Every so often I add coffee grounds to the mulch that Mike created with his chipper.  Today was the first deploying that mulch.  I spread a wheelbarrow full  in the upper front garden bed with shallowest and poorest soil, on either side of the calendula box.  My procedure is to scratch and water the soil, lay the mulch and then soak in from the top.  I also added soil amendment around the bottle brush before laying the mulch.

I purchased a new 36 inch wooden barrel at Lowe’s and treated it with pruning seal.  I cleared the area just to the left where the sidewalk begins along the front of the house.  I  laid down weed block and large river stones around the barrel, commercially packaged courtesy of Lowe’s. I found a purple and a pink calibrachoa in the Garden Department, and nestled them into the barrel with standard potting mix.  The barrel does not have an irrigation drip and will need to be monitored.  At one point MJ planted thousand bells in the triangle garden that did not thrive.  I want to see if container planting will fare better.  With all the rain this year,  all the existing are flourishing and the new plants are hopefully digging well into the soil.

The day ended with bright sunshine.


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