April 6, 2019

Sylvia is 19 today.  All four grandparents will be at her jazz concert tonight in Gainesville. I teased her in an email about her fencing competition.

Weeding in the early morning is now my routine. The birds fluttering between the trees and the garden beds provide a gentle ostinato. The thistle of course is back with a vengeance.

I buried two fertilizer spikes for each of the rockroses at western end of the slope garden.  I scratched the soil around the rockroses and generously watered them after fertilizing.  Last year the irrigation to that far edge of the slope garden was problematic.  The Roundup is doing its work; hopefully that area will soon be clear and ready for mulching.

I applied a second dose of Quick Start to all the new plants in the back box garden.  Penumbra 12.21, Full sun 4.10, Sunset 7.30

In response to my March 30 post Lucy sent a link to the Gaisma website, with sunrise, sunset, dusk and dawn times for Elk Grove, California.  Most intriguing to me was the chart that tracked the path of the sun, with precise longitudinal co-ordinates, during the seasons of the year.

The magenta salvia at western end of the upper border garden is the next to bloom. MJ pruned that plant almost to the bare ground in January, and it is responding happily.  To my surprise, the new foliage on the emerald and gold euonymus in the triangle garden is gray green.   I will be interested to see how it transitions to its traditional summer color.




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