April 12, 2019

The morning was given over to worship planning for the Holy Week services, the afternoon to chores. I filled the five gallon gas can on the way home and fired up the weed whacker.  The grass in the center strip of the driveway brushes against may low-lying car, which can’t be good when the dry season comes.  I made an effort at clearing the grass from the rock border wall where the front slope garden meets the driveway. Everything grows so fast even without appreciable rain for the past two weeks.  The side yard to the right of garage slab also needs the weed whacker because the tractor will not reach there.

Then my weekly mowing of the back lawn.  Lots of new grass filling in the bare spots and the extension of the lawn to the newly laid stone border.  Some of that growth is crab grass that I dug out.  I will keep at it.

I dumped two buckets of rocks into the area around the trough.  The area is square, the trough is round and the rocks are the answer to the ancient riddle.  Two buckets were not enough.  I scoured the fire lane behind and below the house and found a few washouts that are fertile ground for the rocks that I need, mostly fist-sized.  Another bucket still does not fill the entire area, but it will hold down the last bit of weed block that I laid down. Another day should do it.


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