April 19, 2019 – Good Friday

As is my tradition, I planted today and will plant tomorrow.  In the Oakland yard this morning, I dug out a large bowl planter that was waterlogged repeatedly this past winter.  The local Ace Hardware Garden Center had a new variety of impatiens and a vivid yellow portulaca – a plant I did not know.  Plants that need low to average water should survive in the Oakland garden.

I have visited the East Bay Nursery on Good Friday for many years.  For the circle garden at the barn I found an orange helianthum – I had only seen the yellow before.  I scooped up a deep blue salvia to offset the orange.  Why not throw in a two-gallon rockrose just like the ones that thrive in the front slope garden?  The lower 12 to 18 inch variety with a spread up to three feet or more.  I plan to tuck them into the circle garden tomorrow.

The drive up consumed most of this afternoon. The drive down Jackson Valley Road always warms my heart, particularly at the end of a three and a half hour holiday weekend slog.  There are four new stop signs courtesy of the casino, but the road and the land are otherwise untouched. I arrived at 6.00, in time to throw on my work clothes, give Spots his bread and to check on how everything as growing.  A little supplemental watering, mindful of Del’s lecture from last week.

I planted the bulbine in the back yard, with Quick Start, soil amendment and a 24 hour drip.  The bulbine in the Oakland  has spread about three feet.  The flower is a brassy yellow that travels up a spike as it grows.  I finished the planting at 7.30 and faced west to watch the sunset.  The overcast skies trapped the red and deep yellow when the sun went behind the trees on MJ’s ridge.  Living proof that spring sunsets can be just as spectacular as their winter counterparts.

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