April 23, 2019

Today was the warmest day of the year so far – 88 degrees at the high.  It was still a spring warmth rather than a summer warmth, after the land has baked for three or four weeks.  The nights are still seasonably cool.  I have not yet given up on flannel sheets and woolen bed socks.

I weeded along both sides of the rock wall at the bottom of the front slope garden.  The two deep pink geraniums in that part of the garden suddenly appeared from the overgrowth, in all their glory.  I gave supplemental water to the incoming generation of plants and to the camellias as a matter of course.  I was delighted to see new growth on the English lavender (or French Provencal), an addition to the center of the slope garden last fall.

The garden has springtime smells – sage from the salvias of course and a definite but curious smell of mint.  That smell may have come from self-seeded mint or from the invasive species of the month.

The roses are in full leaf and spectacular bloom.  I have fertilizer spikes and will continue feeding them monthly.  The butterfly bushes are now fully established at the top of the front slope garden, so much so that I had to prune the nearest one back.  I am looking for their blooming season this year.

I left an overnight drip on the newly planted bulbine in the back yard.

Full sun – 3.49, Sunset 7.46

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