April 24, 2019

I spread mulch on the circle garden and watered the new plants with Quick Start.  Mike is still working on opening the water line to the circle garden and laying an irrigation drip line to the new plants.

I left the lemon tree on an overnight drip.  To my great surprise the lime tree has buds. I did not expect it to bloom and bear this year.  We’ll see.

The ice plant under the two back yard oleanders is blooming and promises to settle into a nice ground cover over that entire area.  Currently, the irrigation line is directed only to the oleanders.  I draw a watering can from the nearest rain barrel to water the ice plant, the yarrows and the California fuchsia in the pot beside the house.

I hauled out the weed whacker to clear the overgrowth in front of Spots’s pen.  We want to make sure that bread deliveries are not hindered.  I also trimmed back the small section of yard to the right of the driveway and the rock wall at the base of the front slope garden.  At this time of year the weeding and trimming is endless.

Full sun – 3.47, Sunset 7.47

Tomorrow I will spend the day driving to Southern California.  My professional retreat this year is at Lake Arrowhead in San Bernadino County.  I have always wanted to explore Route 395 that runs down the eastern side of the Sierras, past Mono Lake and Mount Whitney and into the Mojave Desert.  I explored the Mojave part of the route in January 2018. This is what retirement is for.

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