May 8, 2019

I spent the morning trimming the trees alongside the driveway.  I thought Mike and I spent a considerable amount of time and effort clearing out the dead wood last winter.  In any event, the willow branches will no longer scrape the car and truck when I head out the driveway.  I cleared back further from the driveway in the vain hope of keeping it clear for the summer.  This may turn into a twice yearly chore.

I mowed the back lawn after two weeks away – quite an effort.  Yes, sir, yes, sir two bags full.  I will need to undertake a study of self feeding spools on Black and Decker lawn trimmers.  The instructions are opaque, but at least I saved the used spool as a guide.  I also supplemented the water on the lamium and yarrows.  The two outside yarrows, coral I think, have begun to bloom. The bloom puffs are still green so I cannot identify the color for sure.  The white yarrow in the middle is a little behind.

Penumbra 11.20, Sunset 8.04

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