May 10, 2019

A jack rabbit greeted me on the front sidewalk this morning. Cows certainly, wild turkeys, quail and any number of other birds, but this is the first time I have seen a jack rabbit in the upper garden.  I will need to watch my tomato plants. 

Before breakfast I undertook the Roundup patrol for weeds and grass growing between the flagstones that lead off the back porch.  If possible, I do not want to disturb the paver sand between the stones.  I also found Bermuda grass in the large planter box, notwithstanding all the turning over, digging out and relentless poisoning. Keep after it.

The Worship Committee met this morning.  On the way home I stopped at Lowe’s to look for the latest stock and found a Martha Washington geranium – the serrated leaf and a white flower with purple outlines.  I will move the aeonium from the back planter box and replace it with this new geranium.  It will be planted near the lawn edge of the box and benefit from the overperforming sprinkler heads.

I also found a lovely scarlet geranium that will be the center piece of the new 32 inch terra cotta planter.

On that subject, I made a run to Rising Sun Nursery for dichondra and lobelia to fill out the planter box.  The dichondra variety has thin tentacles with small grey green leaves.  With luck it will drape itself over the side of the new terra cotta planter.

And there it was, the end of my quest of several months.  I have a Mexican primrose (oenothera) in the Oakland garden and been unable to find another, possibly because I had no botanical name and was looking for a Mexican poppy.  The primrose has a large pink flower and left to its own devices will travel out by roots through the summer.  I planted and mulched it into the circle garden as I came in.

Mike was up for the tractor and helped me with the irrigation lines.  He installed a continuous drip on the lemon tree and the lime tree and drew a lead off the main water line to provide a continuous drip to the new terra cotta planter.  The limes are coming, but the lemon tree still looks pekid.  I buried a citrus fertilizer spike next to the irrigation drip.  Mike kindly agreed to install a new irrigation drip line to the oenothera of my great longing.



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