May 11, 2019

I have now changed to my summertime schedule, working a few hours before breakfast while the day is still cool.  The sun now rises before 6.00, just outside my east-facing window.

I dumped the last partial bag of gravel into the bottom of the new terra cotta planter.  I had a three cubic feet bag of raised bed and potting soil, and the planter took most of it.  The geranium, dichondra and lobelia are tucked in with a generous dose of Quick Start.  A planting website suggested watering the plants while still in their plastic container, partly to ease them out of the container and partly to make sure the roots are well moistened.  This procedure is me to reduce the incidence of transplant shock.

This morning’s task was to run the gas-powered weed eater along the barn and the side door access,  the trees and the Corporation Yard fence.  I pulled thistle and grass as I went, particularly to maintain ready access to the septic field, and the roots still surrender peaceably. My goal is to create a defensive warning track next to the fence with hopefully no new growth this summer.  I finished all of the near one hundred feet of fence by midday, and had my first experience of overheating this year. The pitcher of iced tea is ready in the refrigerator.

Tonight I have tickets to the San Francisco Symphony and a program of French Impressionist music. I stopped to talk with Mike on my way out.  He graciously agreed to replace the sprinkler head that I ran over with the mower, without saying a word.

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