May 16, 2019

Rain fell through the night.  In the early morning I took advantage of a window of a few hours between the storms, weeding like a maniac.  I mulched the next section of the front slope garden, past the manzanita and lantana to the two deep pink geraniums.  Spots received a treat of spent geranium blooms.

I cleared more dead wood that had fallen into the driveway overnight.  I will speak with MJ about removing the low-hanging oak limbs from the top of the driveway where it meets the road.

During the rain break I went Into Ione for potting soil.  I planted the crimson purple dianthus on the upper level replacing the wind blown Marguerite daisy, and the cream color marigold in the container on the mezzanine level.

An afternoon thunder storm interrupted the mulching past the coleonema.  I toweled down, found a dry and warm shirt and waited it out for twenty minutes.  The lemon tree is looking healthier, hopefully benefiting from continual drip irrigation and citrus fertilizer.

Two turkeys wandered around the garden after the thunder shower.  In the tradition of Humboldt, I wondered what was their ecological contribution to the garden.  Scratching the soil for worms perhaps.

Penumbra 10.34, Sunset 8.11  The low cloud cover made for a gorgeous golden sunset, just behind MJ’s line of trees along the western ridge.

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