May 17, 2019

Today was a break in the unseasonably wet weather, cloudy in the morning and warming to bright sunshine. More rain is due tomorrow.

Penstemon sprawl is ended for now.  I trimmed in both penstemons for a compact center to each plant.  We will see how long the blooms take to come back.

I cleared more grass just beyond stone border that marks the edge of the back lawn.  The citrus planter box is now free.  As I dig up huge clumps of grass, thistle and overgrowth, I shook the dirt off the roots into the planter box.

The coral yarrows are blooming, and I can confirm that the blooms are coral.  The carpet roses in the summer house boxes are showing lots of delicate white blossoms.

Checking in on Awol is part of my daily routine for two weeks.  Lots of deep purring.  Mike inherited an oleander in a pot from Judy.  I cut off the dead wood and added fertilizer spikes to the container. Mike’s tomatoes are progressing nicely.

I spent a quiet afternoon weeding the next section of the front slope garden.  I pruned both creeping rock roses from the bottom, removing the overgrown and dead wood from underneath.  I scratched out the section of the garden to allow rain water to penetrate.

A full moon tonight that I see from my bedroom window.

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