May 18, 2019

Early this morning I was turning over and scratching the next section of the front slope garden up to the second creeping rock rose and purple lantana. Weather was  threatening so I started early.

I found gopher baskets at the Ace Hardware in Jackson, for the next round of planting.  The garden aisle had a section devoted to eliminating pests and discouraging various animals.  On the eye-level shelf was a hand printed sign: “Gopher baskets in Aisle 6”.  They knew I was coming.

I ran to Lowe’s for five bags of mulch and a golden lantana.  This lantana is a trailing variety, different from the purple shrubs that seem to thrive here.

While I was in town, I might just as well take a run at the Wal-Mart garden department.  My faithful search was rewarded.  I found a lovely silver and green euonymus to replace the barberry that has not thrived at the western end of the front slope garden.  The range of euonymus varieties continually surprises and delights me, all drought tolerant and slow growers.

The rain held off except for few sprinkles, leaving me time to plant the lantana down slope from the purple shrub.  Planting included a gopher basket and a generous application of plant starter, followed by a chaser of two bags of mulch.

PG& E recommends keeping trees six feet off the ground.  Two large valley oaks shade the western end of the front slope garden.  I trimmed the low-hanging branches with loppers and a tree saw and hauled off the debris – on the ground, in the overgrown grass and in my hair – up to the wood pile.  Perhaps the start of a new mulch project with Mike’s chipper.

I finished the day by tucking in the new euonymus, gopher cage, Plant Starter, mulch and all.  The little guy is on his way.

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