May 21, 2019

I stopped at the Berkeley Hort on my way out of Oakland.  My faithful search was rewarded. A shipment of one gallon containers of matilija poppies was in, and I bought two to add to the slope.  In theory, the poppies will spill down the slope and take out everything else, specifically the thistle.  The matilija poppies should all have the fried egg, sunny side up, blooms.

As i passed through Lockeford, I saw a truck load of flying pink elephants in blue tutus.  No clue what that was all about, but a slice of small town America nonetheless.  I came through the vineyards on Jackson Valley Road, now posted for local traffic only. The purpose is to route all the Casino traffic down Buena Vista Road.  I believe I qualify as local traffic.

The clouds in the valley and up into the foothills were dark and heavy with high winds.  Still only intermittent showers through the afternoon.  I sat with Awol a few minutes and admired the oleander that is responding well to last week’s feeding.

Out of the car and into the yard, I planted the two new poppies, clearing thistle as I went.  I also placed a ring of stones down slope from the new plantings to hold off erosion of water and soil.  The three poppy triplets are Mattie, Leah and Matilda.



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