May 22, 2019

A telephone conference with stakeholders on electronic wills legislation absorbed the morning.  Bright sunny days are forecast for the rest of the week, highs only in the 70s.

I cleared the last section of the front slope garden up to the royal blue salvia and cleared my head of electronic will legislation.  I am deadheading the geraniums already – the blooms are prolific.

Lizards and tree frogs jump out from everywhere,  I saw the jack rabbit again – surprised to see only one.

I decided to have a lazy afternoon and went exploring.  I took the truck up the Municipal Utility District road across Pardee Dam and down through Campo Seco.  Looking at the local map later I saw that I had made a large three-quarter circle to end up back on Buena Vista Road where it connects the Burson Road.  The foothills are beautiful country to ramble trough on a lazy spring afternoon.


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