May 24, 2019

Today I rescued the border garden between the back porch slab and retaining wall, weeding and scratching.  I turned over the remnants of mulch from last year to enrich the soil.  I added four cubic feet of new mulch over the top and soaked it in.

The transplanted society garlic is aromatic and thriving; the barberry is a monster.  The gooseberry (ribes) is almost too tall, with branches shooting out two to three feet tall.  It has become a focal point above the retaining wall.  The correopsis is healthy.  I remember it bloomed  in late June last year and greeted me when I returned home from my trip to Europe.  

I trimmed back the lavender off the porch  on one side and off the osteopernum on the other.  The lavender-scented  blooms are lasting much longer than I expected.  I will try to keep it from getting woody around its base.

I will need to check water lines and repair sprinkler heads.  The border garden is under the shade of the two valley oaks that also shelter the porch.  Less water is needed but still a continuous source.  In my never-ending I quest, I cleared the thistle between the retaining wall  and the valley oaks, about a two to three foot perimeter.  At least reaching the spigot is now more comfortable.

Not a particularly hot day, high of 76, but I still managed to soak through my t-shirt.

Half penumbra 1.05, Sunset 8.14.  The half penumbra is an important measure because at that time of day the herb garden begins to receive full sun.

I was talking to Judy on the back porch while watching the sun set over the land.

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