June 1, 2019

I applied Dr. Earth Pure Gold liquid fertilizer to all the established plants and soaked all the new plants.  I expect to be away for a few days with no rain in the forecast.

The yarrows are blooming but they could benefit from mulching.  I broke open the ground and soaked it, added mulch and soaked the mulch. That corner of the garden only has irrigation to the two oleanders, and I will need to add feeder lines to the yarrows.  I am drawing from the rain barrels for supplemental water.  The gutter was redirected into that corner in February, and it should have had the benefit of several months of rain building underground water.

I fertilized the roses.  Two weeks ago I pruned back the overgrowth and am waiting for the next wave of blooms.  In my new career as handyman, I mended the cordless weed whacker and finished the back yard edging.

On the way back to Oakland I decided to reverse direction up Route 4 out of Stockton onto Marsh Creek Road.  I often travel that road coming out from Oakland but rarely travel the other direction.  It was an interesting experience crossing the valley and seeing Mount Diablo looming larger and larger until I disappeared into the canyons.  The road has also been repaved for a pleasant drive.


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