June 6, 2019

Today is the 75th Anniversary of D-Day.

I trimmed back the scarlet salvia on the upper border garden.  It sits directly across from the sweet pea and my favorite pink and magenta geranium.  I suspect a leak in the irrigation line that generously waters that section of the garden, more than a drip every two days.

Mike mowed most of the yard and the parade ground, perhaps for the last time this year.  I mowed the back lawn, pulling crab grass and Bermuda grass as I went.  As part of the weekly routine, I applied Roundup to the Bermuda grass in the large planter box.  Roundup is effective but the Bermuda grass is relentless.

One of the Mexican daisies may not make it.  The other benefits from overperforming sprinklers on the lawn and doing well as it fights to grow faster than the crab grass and invasive weeds.  I will help as a much as I can.  The lichen that grew up among the flagstones had died but still needs to be cleared away.

Mike and I moved the large table to the garage.  It fits perfectly on a side corner of the front porch, freeing up the door on the opposite side that leads into the office.

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