June 14, 2019

Not much time in the garden this week due to excessive heat. Fortunately the nights are cooler.  I open the doors at either end of the house and set fans to circulate the air.  The fans bring the temperature down to about 73 degrees, which is comfortable enough for sleeping.  I close up the house when inside and outside temperature reach equilibrium, about 9.00 in the morning.  The house is well insulated and well mostly retain the cool air until late afternoon.  Today the highest indoor temperature was 80 degrees.  A ceiling fan keeps me comfortable until sunset, close to 9.00 these long days, and temperatures reach equilibrium again.

Lowe’s has an interesting section of succulents.  I found a portulaca to replace the native iris in the large planter box that did not survive.  The lamium in the ceramic bowl finally give up the fight.  Lowe’s had a crassula, another plant native to  South Africa and maybe an acquaintance of the senecio.  The clerk thought the popular name was ogre toes.  It requires weekly water while it is being established and twice monthly thereafter.   Before the rains start this fall I was transplant it out of the bowl and into the ground.  The promise is for white flowers during the winter.

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