June 7, 2019

This morning I cleared the last patch just beyond the rock border at the edge of the back lawn.  The ground is drying out but is still workable.  Of course the patch on the other side that I cleared a month ago is now overgrown.  Sigh.

I soaked the entire garden, expecting to be away for several days with the conference in LA tomorrow.  I left a continuous drip on the new erigeron that is away from the lawn sprinklers.  I also watered the three new matilija poppies on the back slope.  The clerk at the Berkeley Hort warned me not to give them too much water.

Mike helped me move the large table from the barn into the garage. The workshop table is destined to become the table in the potting shed.  Stripping the mandarin red paint was relatively easy.

For a break I went into Ione for water and sanding disks, and I picked up a new sprayer.  The seal on the current sprayer does not hold.  After who knows how many years of faithful service, it is time to retire it.  The creeping vetch is having a banner year between the flagstones and into the beds.  Roundup may be the only reasonable solution.




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