June 19, 2019

I was up early because the tree contractor and crew came at 7.00.  One crew worked on the diseased tree caught up in the electrical lines leading into Mike’s house.  The owner and two runners came up to trim the trees at our house.

He had an amazing combination of a pole saw and a chain saw, allowing him to reach twelve feet off  the ground.  This contraption zipped through branches, and the contractor let me walk him through the trimming.  He allowed that as nifty as the trimmer looks, it requires a great deal of strength and overhead work.  The tree in the corporation yard is now well off the house and the ground but still provides shade.  While walking down the driveway the contractor took off a few overhanging branches.  At the top of the driveway he brought the whole tree off the ground eight or more feet, including climbing into the enclosed pasture to trim the far side of the tree.

I brought down the truck with a load of branches from these efforts, and watched the crew finish taking down the tree by Mike’s house.  The tree was 20-25 feet tall, requiring a harness for the crew chief who climbed up and started cutting from the top down.  After close to three hours of work, what was left was a large stump, intact power lines, a load of firewood that the crew cut to wood stove lengths, and an enormous brush pile.  Mike will work away at the brush pile with his chipper.

The crew chief is an immigrant from Mexico and his son is working his way into the business.  I commented that this is the American dream.  The contractor said yes, but his crew chief did it the right way.  I left it at that.

In the afternoon, I trimmed back the cotoneasters.  Growth that lush usually indicates a broken drip line and overgenerous water.  I also checked and repaired line to the new euonymus at the far end of the front slope garden.

In the large backyard planter box, the grevillea is struggling, but the other plants are doing well.  I applied more Roundup on the Bermuda grass, my ongoing saga.

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