June 26, 2019

The sustained summer heat is here and likely will remain until September. The  container plants need more water.  Mike and I reviewed the container plants since I will be away next week, and he promised to lay down irrigation lines.

Mike increased the drip on the circle garden to twenty minutes of water daily.  That garden is my pride and joy.  The plant choice was as successful as I have had, and all the plants are thriving.  It does not hurt that whenever I go into town, I stop by the garden coming back in and add supplemental water.

On the west side of the garden is a large bush that I inherited and do not know.  If all goes according to plan, it will complement the three to six foot germander on the opposite side.  Mike applied a drip to the bush, and the result is lots of green growth around its base. The bush survived trampling and munching during the renegade cow episode.  I lopped off one dead branch and then decided to keep going, ending with only two short branches off the base, both also having plenty of green growth.  Enough for now, and I will see how it grows in through this summer.

I also changed the irrigation timer on the front garden from every two days to daily.

The California fuchsia is not as drought tolerant as I would expect. I trimmed off the dead growth, and Mike will add an irrigation line to the container.

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