June 27, 2019

I mowed the back lawn late this morning.  The ground was a little wet, but I wanted to avoid the heat of the day.  Pulling back the Bermuda grass from the flagstones and rock wall is a never-ending chore.  Slowly the grass is asserting itself toward the rock border, burying the sprinkler heads and the rock wall in part.  Not all of the new growth is crab grass and other invasive species.  What surprises me is that whatever type of grass is there, it grows at a faster rate than the older lawn.  I cut that area only with the hand trimmer because of awkward angles and sprinkler heads that make suicide jumps in front of an active lawn mower.

Little Myrtle of the Far East took full advantage of the long rainy season and is already showing buds.

I went back to Lowe’s but not to the succulent section.  I found a two gallon St. John’s Wort with yellow cup-like flowers and red berries. Once established, it will tolerate dry shade.  It will take the place of the grevillea at the back of the large planter box where it will be sheltered most closely to the house.

I also bought a sweet yellow pepper and hope it will not be to caterpillar taste.  I did see a beautiful butterfly flitting around the large crape myrtle.  Perhaps feeding the caterpillar had an unforeseen good.

The day closed with a spectacular sunset – low lying clouds,  with deep red and purple bands along the ridge to the west.

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