July 11, 2019

After his systematic review Mike left four lines free.  With a smile he told me I would have to look for new plants. Who am I to resist such a challenge? I found a mock orange (pittosporum) that is supposed to tolerate mild drought.  It is billed as a  woodland plant, and I will try it under the trees to replace the lately departed euonymus.  It should be a slow grower which will help in that section of the garden. I also found another gold lantana to brighten the opposite end of the front slope.

The succulent section at Lowe’s was uninspiring today.  I did find an agave to try at the bottom of the front slope garden by the bench.  I applied plant starter to all the new plants and turned up the bubbler on the mock orange.

During a water break yesterday Mike and I sat on the picnic bench looking up the slope.  The water from the pink and white geraniums on the mezzanine level heads right down the hillside.  I scrounged  for decent sized rocks along the driveway and in the cow pasture, and cannibalized a few from the existing rock formations.  The rocks shore up the slope below the geraniums.  I added soil amendment, dead headed the plants and will give supplemental water for a while.

Mike added a bubbler to the container with the butter colored marigold.  Water collected during installation, and I dumped out two to three gallons to keep the plant from drowning.  I topped the container with new (dry) moisture control potting soil and will hope for the best.

Penumbra   10.12

Half penumbra 12.46

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