July 12, 2019

From time to time I check out the Walmart Garden Department, although the stock is often overgrown or wilting.  But never say never.  I found a lovely silver and green euonymus to replace the lost soul.  I swapped out the uninspiring agave, which I potted and added to the collection in front of the terra cotta planter beside the summer house.  I added plant starter to welcome the euonymus to its new home.  Once more with feeling.

The larger of the two creeping rockroses at the west end of the front slope garden is  showing dead growth.  It is also not blooming as its companion is only ten feet away.  I checked the water line and bubbler, and pruned off the dead undergrowth and outliers.  I will also give it supplemental water for a while.

The red and gold lantana on the upper level is still growing and is a daily joy.  It is the first plant I see when walking out of the house onto the front porch.  I give it supplemental water because I dearly want it to succeed.  So far so good.

I finished sorting through the garden debris and moved the metal table to the summer house.  I look out of the office window onto a clear front porch, with the plumbago to one side of the door and a camellia japonica to the other.  I walk in and out of the office door several times just because I can.

Corrosive plant chemicals ate through the metal table over the years and leaked onto the floors.  I discovered that white vinegar helps remove rust stains from concrete.  I also was recommended to a Super Green cleaner that people swear by for cleaning grease off floors.

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