June 28, 2019

I picked up three bags of Preen mulch at Lowe’s – it is advertised as preventing weeds in addition to traditional mulch benefits.  I dug out the Bermuda grass in the large planter box and laid down most of the Preen.  Tomorrow I will soak it in before I leave for the week.

I found a new sprayer at Ace Hardware, three gallons and not two, 50% more death and destruction. It works as intended, providing a fine spray as soon as the pump encounters resistance and encouraging me to more applications of Roundup.  For months I struggled with the old sprayer that would not hold a seal.  Why wait so long to replace the sprayer at a cost of less than twenty dollars? There is a metaphor for life here. I poured out the last of the contents of the old container on the ever present vetch and consigned it to the dump.

I finished the painting of the new work table and was pleased with the result.  I added a cross stripe for a little interest on the mostly white tabletop.  The polyurethane spray discolors the white surface somewhat and my unskilled technique was uneven.  I bought fine sanding disks, and will sand down the surface before I apply another coat.  The eventual  goal is three coats.

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