July 19, 2019

I am developing my technique with wood filler.  The face boards are riddled with holes, and some are too large to fill.  The filler just oozes out the other side.  One large hole is just about at eye level.  I have declared it to be a peep hole that I am keeping open for safety purposes.  The filler dried in fifteen minutes and could be sanded.  Two coats of the finish coat followed.


Little Myrtle of the Far East is in full bloom.  I left a drip on the large crape myrtle overnight because the buds are drying out   The third crape myrtle tucked into the back lawn is not yet blooming, perhaps because the house shelters it from the sun for most of the morning.

The correopsis is wilting and may require emergency intervention. Mike commented on the dead growth at the base of the gooseberry.  I may need to trim back both plants, let them rest and add irrigation lines.  I also watered the three matilija poppies even though the staff at the Berkeley Hort recommended no water.

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